'Late Night' Sweet Potato Fried Rice With Spicy Mayo Sauce

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This is for those late nights when you and your friends need something satisfying and relatively easy to cook. Something with easy to find ingredients that pairs well with whatever leftover protein you have sitting in your refrigerator—leftover chicken, beef, or even hot dogs (if you’re feeling extra trashy).




  •  2 packages sweet potato rice

    • Alternatively 4 sweet potatoes peeled and grated or finely chopped (food proccesser)

  •  1 tbsp sesame oil

  •  3 tbsp soy sauce

  •  1 cup of peas

  •  4 eggs

  •  5 green onions

  •  1 tbsp Sriracha

  • 5 tbsp mayo


  1. Follow the instructions on the packages of sweet potato rice and set aside for now. Sweet potato rice can be found in most frozen food sections at the supermarket.

    If you can’t find any pre-prepared sweet potato rice (or don’t have any on hand), it will take a little extra effort but trust us, it’s worth it. Grab four sweet potatoes, peel them and dice them in a food processor until it resembles rice. Add oil to a pan and cook the sweet potato until it softens to the consistency of cooked rice.

  2. Add oil to a pan and scramble the eggs.

  3. While eggs are cooking, chop up the green onions and begin cooking the peas. Follow the microwave instructions on the package of peas (remember, this is a quick late night meal—not the time to get gourmet with the peas you picked from your community garden.)

  4. Add the sweet potato rice to the pan as well as the cooked peas, green onions, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Cook for a few minutes so the flavor begins to soak in. Don’t overcook to the point of “mashed potatoes.”

  5. Remove from heat.

  6. In bowl combine the Sriracha and mayo and whisk until fully mixed. Adjust the amount of Sriracha based on your heat tolerance. Place the spicy mayo sauce in a squeeze bottle and drizzle over top.